Italian Made Wood Fired Pizza Oven

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Whilst our ovens are loved and enjoyed for Cooking fantastic pizza in seconds, they are not just a pizza oven. Our wood fired ovens can be used to cook virtually anything, from freshly baked breads, pasta bakes, roasted vegetables, meats and delicious fish in minutes.

100% SICILIAN from Mount Etna

It is essential that the oven floor can withstand and maintain very high temperatures so we use volcanic lava for our wood fired oven floor.

The solid lava rock slab base heats very quickly as you would expect but cools slowly for incredible fuel efficiency.


Quality Assurance

We also ensure the very best of product quality and service for our pizza ovens for outdoor use and they are built to perform in all weather conditions. Our ovens have been tried and tested around the world, and can perform in freezing conditions and tropical climates! 100% Italian products.

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