Built In Data Sheets

BI KIT – 5

Also known as the Premium Built in Kit because it’s the easiest and best looking way to build a lifestyle BBQ into a new outdoor kitchen. We use it in our Designer Series outdoor kitchens.

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BI KIT – 4

For an existing cavity that you can’t find a BBQ size to match, the BI KIT – 4 is just what you need.

A 100mm stainless steel flange with a 70mm vertical return will allow you to fit the closest size Lifestyle BBQ and cover off any gaps.

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BI KIT – 3

If space is an issue or you’re looking for something different then this set of wall mount brackets might be the way to go

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A simple set of recess brackets to suit new or existing structures.

The BI KIT – 1 gives the BBQ a 30mm stainless steel flange on either side so it can rest on the benchtop.

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Side burners can be built in too. No special brackets are required – just ensure cutout measurements are right and support from below e.g. with aluminium angles.

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